Urological examination

What to expect at an urological examination?
Many people (not only men) consider urological examinations to be very uncomfortable. We would like to give you some information to relieve your anxiety

The use of modern technologies has made many uncomfortable examinations (such as cystoscopic bladder examinations) rarely necessary.

Considering your personal medical history different examinations may be necessary, but the approach is as follows:

  • anamnesis (you tell us about your problem, any treatment undergone before...)
  • clinical examination
  • ultrasonic examination with FULL bladder (Please do NOT go to the toilet before the examination! - examination of the bladder wall, prostate)
  • ultrasonic examination of both kidneys
  • urine examination, perhaps cytological examination
  • if necessary - second ultrasonic examination (residual volume after voiding)
  • digital rectal examination of the prostate (usually ages 45 and up)
  • determination of PSA
  • consultation about the examination results, recommendation for further examination or therapy
  • handover of written report (always on your first visit and also on important changes)