(E)SWL (extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy) - out patient treatment of kidney stones

One of the main emphasises of our practice lies in the possibility of out patient kidney stone treatment.

Up to now we are the only office in Austria offering this service to patients whose medical indication does not require an indoor treatment for lithotripsy in a hospital.

Our (E)SWL machine uses ultrasound waves to locate the kidney stones (which means no harm through x-ray radiation). In earlier times we used a piezoelectric device, since 2007 an electromagnetic device with narrow focus for stone disintegration (the narrow focus reduces the possibility of pain). Usually the (E)SWL treatment can be undergone without analgesic medication.

STORZ SLK (made in Switzerland), the same machine as used at the kidney stone center ("Steinzentrum") at Rudolfstiftung Clinc in Vienna.